Past Lives

Basic Principles of Reincarnation

By Rhonda Leifheit

  1. Human beings have a divine origin and potential.

  2. As the product of Divine Intelligence, each soul is endowed with individuality (uniqueness), free will, and the capacity for unconditional love.

  3. To achieve our full potential requires more than one lifetime.

The Akashic Records:  Four Part Series

The Soul’s Memory, Part One

By Rhonda Leifheit

The Akashic Records have been described as The Book of Life, Book of Remembrance, Hall of Records, and Celestial Tablets. Although descriptions may differ, depending on the spiritual tradition, the principle is that these records contain the history of each soul throughout its many incarnations. The records exist at a subtle vibratory level, retaining the sum total of all we have said, thought and done. Imagine a vast past life database storing memories of talents we’ve developed, wisdom gained, love given, as well as our mistakes, hurts, and disappointments. This “cosmic computer” contains not only the events of our past lives, but our interpretation of those events as well.

MBG Japanese Iris walkway

Moments That Shape Personal Destiny

By Rhonda Leifheit

Every life has defining moments--points of choice, times of change, events of significance. Some are forced upon us, such as the death of a loved one, a natural disaster, or loss of a job. Other moments may awaken us with inspiration to change our lives whether from seeing a breath-taking sunset or hearing an uplifting story. Still other choices come after years of careful consideration like changing careers or leaving a marriage.

Past Lives & Present Relationships

By Rhonda Leifheit

Inasmuch as our souls return again and again to "classroom earth", we also tend to reincarnate with familiar souls. This is true not only of friends and lovers, but is often the case with families, cronies from school or work, spiritual groups or communities. When we think of our closest, most loving relationships we can be assured we have connected with them in some past life. And, when it comes to our most difficult relationships, it is also likely we have connected in some past life!

Woman viewing from mountaintop

Cloud Heights:  Reflections on the Possibility of Future Life Progression

By Rhonda Leifheit

Our souls are on an evolutionary journey towards spiritual awakening. Just as our past life choices affect our present lives, the choices we make now are creating our future. The seeds we are currently planting contribute to both the “near future” of this life and the “distant future” of our next incarnation. These seeds consist of our thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions. From life to life we carry the wisdom of lessons learned and those karmic lessons we have yet to learn. The soul journey is a heroic adventure to self-actualization.

Journey from Guilt to Grace

By Rhonda Leifheit

Neal had been struggling with depression for several years and had recently been put on medication and had begun counseling with a therapist as well. One focus of his counseling was to address a deep feeling of guilt, which did not seem to have any present life explanation. So he came to me to explore the possible past life cause of his guilt. He had also begun studying spiritual principles, which emphasized the concept that we all have a basic goodness—that our soul-essence is “goodness”—which gets obscured or forgotten in our daily lives. This was a new concept for him and difficult to imagine because of his profound guilt.

Life Between Lives: Your Soul’s Purpose

By Rhonda Leifheit

In the cycle of death and rebirth (also known as reincarnation) the soul’s journey includes a visit to our spiritual “home” to review the life just lived and prepare for the next. Spiritual traditions around the world refer to this heavenly place using various terms. Western spiritual traditions often use the term “inter-life”. Buddhists refer to it as “the bardo”.

Other Topics

In Celebration of the Senses

By Rhonda Leifheit

I went to the Missouri Botanical Garden early to soak up the healing sights and smells before the predicted 100-degree heat arrived. As I strolled past the many ponds and pools, dragonflies danced effortlessly atop the water lilies, as if giving an impromptu performance. Of course, they were not there to entertain me, but by stopping long enough to enjoy their delicate wings and effortless flight, I allowed myself to be entertained.

Meditation: Ancient Remedy for Modern Maladies

By Rhonda Leifheit

“Meditation is very much like training a puppy. You put the puppy down and say, ‘Stay’. Does the puppy listen? It gets up and it runs away. You sit the puppy back down again. ‘Stay.’ And the puppy runs away over and over again...In training the mind, or the puppy, we have to start over and over again”, notes Jack Kornfield in his book A Path with Heart (59).

Happiness from the Inside Out

By “Rhondananda” Leifheit

“Seriousness is one of the major causes of truth decay on the planet.” Swami Beyondananda

(Ananda - Sanskrit word for bliss or happiness)

Life presents any number of serious challenges which can leave us bereft, sad, angry, or over-whelmed. It is precisely for those reasons that cultivating the traits of happiness are so important. These traits might include compassion for our suffering, patience, resilience, and yes, a sense of humor.

Dreams: The Language of Your Soul

By Rhonda Leifheit

Enter the magical world of dreams where you can unlock their secrets and discover their gifts.

Journal with Hero affirmation

Soul’s Journey as Hero’s Journey

By Rhonda Leifheit

Stories of heroes and heroines exist in all cultures, from ancient Greek mythology (Hercules) to childhood fairytales (Little Red Riding Hood). The purpose of these stories was to inspire the human spirit - not only to endure life’s hardships, but in some way, to rise above them. These days we see heroes on screen in classics like: Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Avengers. Their popularity speaks to something deep in the human psyche; something within us that admires those who face adversity, rise above “forces of evil”, muster courage, and display integrity.