Rhonda’s Journey

I have had the great privilege of doing Readings from the Akashic Records since 1980, and the joy of teaching classes in personal and spiritual growth for even longer. Along the way I have met thousands of heart-felt, earnest seekers. Some in the midst of struggle, others devoted to spiritual insights - and often, some blend of both.

Brenda and Rhonda with ponies

The path to my life’s work began with a gentle upbringing. Raised on a farm, homesteaded by Leifheit ancestors on the rich soil of northern Illinois, I was the middle of 7 children. A love of the earth and trees, combined with a desire to be of service, set the stage. At 14 I discovered the concept of reincarnation, when I was given a book about Edgar Cayce, known as “The Sleeping Prophet”. Light bulbs went off. Reincarnation explained so much. I began to understand the principle of karma, the importance of soul-growth, and the goal of of spiritual liberation.

It would be another decade before I received a Past Life Reading. But the years in-between offered their own life-enriching experiences. I hitchhiked through Europe for three months with a dear friend in the summer of 1972. She and I experienced the kindness of strangers, broadened our understanding of the world, and got our first introductions to astrology and yoga. A year later I moved to northern California, where I was introduced to the concept of synchronicity through the I Ching, an ancient Chinese oracle. A year after that, a profound dream guided me to move to Columbia, Missouri.

Rhonda with backpack stopping to eat
Rhonda Leifheit SOM class photo

In Columbia, I met a wise astrologer who encouraged me to develop my intuition by recording my dreams. He had no idea that it was a significant dream that had brought me halfway across the country.  This led me to classes in metaphysics and my first Past Life Reading. It described a lifetime where I had studied spiritual principles, but died before I had the opportunity to teach. (Although I couldn’t see it then, that life became a perfect example of how we, as souls, pick up where we left off.)

The six-year study in the School of Metaphysics introduced me to a variety of spiritual philosophies. Daily meditation and other practices helped me cultivate the self-discipline necessary for giving readings. As I began teaching I discovered the joy of helping students enrich their lives through dreams, meditation, self-awareness, and a sense of community. I directed the school in Columbia and later oversaw 8 locations in Kansas, Michigan and Illinois.

Because teaching and directing were volunteer positions, I pursued a career in social work at the University of Missouri and completed my Bachelor of Social Work degree. I spent one year working for the Division of Family Services.

By 1980 I had moved to St. Louis and chose to leave the metaphysical organization and two years later began a business partnership called Life Visions. My partner and I developed a series of classes, and I began giving readings again. Our paths diverged in 1985 and my private practice, The Source Life Enrichment Center, was born. “THE SOURCE represents the deep, inexhaustible, divinely centered source of nourishment and meaning for humanity...One must always return to THE SOURCE of their true nature for fulfillment."  I Ching, #48 The Source (The Well). Discovering our personal source of inspiration and truth may take us in many directions, but one thing is certain—ultimately the search leads us within.

Over these years I’ve had the honor of doing Readings for clients in all 50 states and several foreign countries. I also offer Past Life Regressions for those who want to explore their own lives. I am certified in Hypnosis and Transformational Imagery. I teach classes in personal and spiritual growth on a wide range of topics. I love the small class dynamic and the wisdom that emerges for each participant.

Rhonda teaching 1987
Rhonda's Victorian house

I work primarily from my small Victorian era home, which I affectionately call “Catalpa Haven” named for the many catalpa trees which surround me, and in memory of the Catalpa Grove Farm of my childhood. I am here to be of service, to help others remember their true nature - the Source of their spiritual identity.

My Purpose

My Purpose is to know the presence of the Divine within myself and all life;

To live mindfully with a grateful heart;

To educate others by teaching spiritual principles in practical ways;

To plant seeds of hope, light, and love in all I do;

To honor and help protect the Earth.