Past Life Regressions

Journey to your own past life

Can anyone be regressed?

This is a common question because many people doubt their ability. Although some people seem more naturally inclined than others, everyone has the ability to tap into their own past lives. The keys to a successful regression are found in the client's desire to grow, willingness to trust, and an openness to whatever comes.

Am I making this up?

The most common struggle is the tendency of the conscious mind to doubt and question, "Am I making this up?" One must be willing to put such questions on hold and allow the subconscious mind to speak, and we will discuss ways of doing that. What is certain is that the subconscious has information, memories and wisdom from which you can learn.

The process begins with an overview of your needs and goals.

What has led you here? What kinds of insights are you seeking? Are there patterns you don’t understand? Is there a need for soul-healing?

Ripples in water

Going within

There are several stages in this process. Each helps you go deeper into your experience. Relaxation is first and foremost. Deep breathing and progressive relaxation helps calm the body. Guided imagery helps quiet the mind.


Visiting the past

Additional suggestions take you back to whichever life you have been guided. We look for the highlights of the life–special events and people–and the impact these had on you. Sometimes the carry-over to the present life is quickly recognized.

Ethereal sky

Visiting the Afterlife

The significance of that past life to the present can sometimes be seen more clearly when the soul lets go of that life and sees it from a higher plane. This might also be called ”bardos”, heaven, or that existence in between lifetimes. Here we can call upon spiritual helpers to help understand the previous life as well as your purpose in the present life. We also take time to appreciate the growth that has taken place as well as the strengths and talents that have been carried into this lifetime.

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