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Classes with Rhonda

Throughout the year a variety of classes are offered in my home, at the local community college and other venues located around the St. Louis area. Class fees are published at the time a class is offered. Refer to the newsletter for classes currently available and see entire library of classes below.

Library of Classes

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The seeds of authentic happiness exist in each of us, but need to be tended: planted in the soil of self-acceptance, nourished with humor, and watered with kindness. We can shine the light of spirituality on the illusions of materiality. We can turn our attention to the joy of meaningful connections, the creative power of laughter, and the magic all around us.

  • Reclaim your right to be happy.

  • Clear self-sabotaging beliefs.

  • Identify the “thieves of happiness”: the beliefs and behaviors that steal your joy.

  • Connect with your “guardians of happiness”: spiritual forces you can call upon.

  • Learn the difference between short-term and long-term happiness and discover how both contribute to a life that is joyful.

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CREATE YOUR TRAVEL MEMOIR: Becoming a Mindful Traveler

The “mindful traveler” is one who loves to learn, is alert, curious, and kind.

  • Appreciate the many ways travel has enriched your life.

  • Journal your experiences using The Mindful Traveler’s Journal. The 20+ chapters will guide your writing with prompts such as Journeys I’ve Taken; My First Big Adventure; Worst Place I Ever Slept; Best Meal I Ever Ate; Most Precarious Travel; Travels that Enriched My Soul and many more.

  • Explore the spiritual gifts of travel: venturing into the unknown, cultivating patience, learning to adapt, and moments of divine intervention.

  • Find inspiration for your next adventure as you view the world through the mindful traveler’s eyes.

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Each of us naturally has some level of intuition. We can develop these abilities through knowledge, practice and detached curiosity.

  • Learn how to feel comfortable listening to and trusting your intuition.

  • Discover which of your psychic senses is naturally strongest: gut feelings, inner listening or clairvoyance (clear seeing).

  • Learn a variety of exercises and then practice developing your intuition including sensing auras, photo reading, psychometry (intuiting information by holding objects) and receiving inner guidance.

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DREAMS: Your Inner Teacher

Delve into the mystery of dreaming to discover the guidance they can give. Dreams are both practical and mystical–discover the wisdom in yours!

  • Identify the many types of dreams and the purposes they serve.

  • Learn techniques for improving sleep.

  • Discover effective ways to remember your dreams.

  • Learn a variety of methods for interpreting their meaning.

  • Use your dreams to solve problems, make decisions & improve your life.

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These terms can all be used to describe individuals whose unique gifts are not always understood yet are much needed in today’s world.

See if you relate to some these qualities:

  • Are you an emotional “sponge”?

  • Do you have intuitive flashes or vivid dreams?

  • Are your nerves easily “frayed”?

  • Do you feel recharged by having time alone at home or in nature?

  • Do you have a rich inner life?    

This class will help you identify and appreciate your strengths and challenges:

  • Discover ways to prevent energy drain.

  • Learn ways to use your intuition, feelings and dreams for greater creativity, happiness and service.

  • Identify and protect yourself from “space invaders” by creating healthy boundaries.

  • Empower yourself with strategies to take care of yourself.

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HERO’S JOURNEY: Healing the Wounded Psyche

We are all on a “hero’s journey” in some form. Joseph Campbell describes three elements of that journey: 1) leaving the familiar or known life behind; 2) encountering adversity, defeat, and loss of innocence; 3) discovering inner strengths which lead to wisdom.

Experience techniques for gently recognizing and healing soul-wounds:

  • Compassionate Acceptance—create a safe space for the wounded parts of self.

  • Soul Contracts—learn the difference between a “Sacred Contract” and a “Scared Contract”.

  • Vows and Contracts—rewrite those which no longer serve you.

  • Transformative Processes—discover what your soul most desires; stand in the truth of your soul's radiant nature.

  • Honor your own “Hero’s Journey” and the important tasks your soul has undertaken in this life.

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I CHING: Ancient Chinese Oracle

Throughout the ages people have sought higher guidance when faced with dilemmas and decisions. In ancient China the I Ching (or Book of  Changes) emerged as a spiritual tool to help people align with the Tao (the way or the flow) – we might call this “divine order” or “synchronicity”.

  • Learn to do readings using this remarkable divination system.

  • Discover the elegant, yet practical wisdom of the I Ching based on yin/yang principles of Taoism.

  • Gain spiritual insight and practical guidance for life’s perplexing issues.

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KARMIC CONNECTIONS: Past Lives & Present Relationships

Karmic connections are soul connections. The intensity of emotions (pleasant or unpleasant) is often our first clue that we have been with these souls in past lives.

Explore your karmic connections as you:

  • Discover how “soul contracts” are created.

  • Clarify concepts of soul-mates and soul-groups.

  • Learn how past life “vows” can help (or hurt) your relationships.

  • Expand your understanding of relationships that are complex and/or difficult.

  • Learn ways to release karmic patterns and bring greater vitality to your relationships.

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LIFE BETWEEN LIVES: Remembering Your Soul’s Plan

Imagine that when your soul was still in spirit you created intentions and purposes for this life. In this highly experiential class we will use guided imagery, reflection, and discussion to help you revisit this plane of conscious to better appreciate and align with your intentions for this life.

  • Identify your “soul-friends”: different types of  “soul-mates” and their purpose in your life.

  • Review your “spiritual plan” to discover the lessons your soul wanted (or needed) in this life.

  • Revise your soul plan to reflect new insights and changing goals.

  • Learn how fate and free-will intertwine.

  • Discover the meaning and qualities of the many astral planes.

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MERIDIAN TAPPING: Energy Healing with Emotional Freedom Technique & Root Cause

Meridian Tapping combines tapping on acupressure points with intention statements to ease stress, whether mental, emotional or physical.

  • Learn step-by-step instructions for dealing with emotions like anxiety, fear, anger, and overwhelm.

  • Discover applications for health issues such as indigestion, joint pain, headaches, and insomnia.

  • Utilize the Root Cause Technique for long-standing or complex issues.

  • Learn techniques to clear self-sabotage and change unwanted habits and limiting beliefs.

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Our world has many stressors and demands. Meditation is a powerful way to re-balance and find peace amidst life’s storms. There are many techniques for meditation and we will explore several.  Among its benefits are physical relaxation, mental clarity, emotional balance, and greater spiritual awakening.

  • Bring your questions: How does meditation work? Which techniques are best? How can I quiet my chattering mind?

  • Experience a variety of techniques and find the one that’s best for you.

  • Explore breathing practices–some for centering, others to energize.

  • Learn techniques to melt tension and stress from your body.

  • Enjoy guided meditations, chanting, and healing sounds.

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MINDFULNESS IN THE GARDEN: Meditations at The Missouri Botanical Garden

Immerse yourself in the beauty and sensory treasures of the Garden. Receive guidance to deepen your appreciation for the world around you:

  • Mindfully experience the Garden’s sights, sounds, and smells.

  • Learn secrets to dealing with distractions—both inner and outer—and discover the gifts of being fully present.

  • Enrich your appreciation of your surroundings through mindful walking, guided relaxation, and deep listening.

  • Restore emotional balance as you quiet your mind and deepen your connection to nature.

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Explore the greatest mystery of life—that which lies “beyond the veil”. We’ll draw upon ancient mystical teachings as well as current knowledge. Deepen your understanding of:

  • Life on the Other Side: Explore the 10 levels of soul-consciousness.

  • Near-Death Experiences: What they teach us about life on the other side.

  • Communication with the Other Side: Learn to recognize the many forms of After-Death Communication including dreams, signs, symbols, appearances and more.

  • Preparations: Learn ways to transform death into the spiritual experience it’s meant to be. Deepen your appreciation of meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices. Knowledge is power, but so is practice.

  • Helping Others: It’s a great privilege to assist loved ones as they prepare to cross over.  Learn ways to help others make their transition while respecting their wishes. Learn to listen deeply to those nearing death: what may appear to be hallucinations could actually be wondrous visions.

  • Honoring Loss: Discover loving ways to address grief to comfort self and others through difficult times.

Temple in India

REINCARNATION: The Soul’s Journey

The exploration of past lives can give insight to our present problems and inspiration to our present purpose. In this class participants will:

  • Discover how patterns from past lives can influence present health, character, relationships, finances, talents and self-worth.

  • Learn how knowledge of past lives can heal limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, physical issues and more.

  • Appreciate your soul-strengths, which can include natural talents, creative gifts and unique abilities.

  • Dispel the myths of karma and learn how karmic law aids our spiritual evolution.

  • Experience a guided regression (in group) to a significant past life.

  • Discover the many gifts of past life exploration.

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TEMPLE OF HEALING: Journey to Your Healing Sanctuary

What calls for healing within you? Where are you stuck or suffering? Are you dealing with a physical ailment? An old emotional wound or pattern of behavior? Have you lost your sense of purpose or connection to spirit? Perhaps you’re not sure what is needed, but feel something is missing. Now imagine a Healing Sanctuary—a place of peace and acceptance. This class will give you  the guidance and encouragement to discover it—or create it!

Using Guided Meditation, Hypnosis, and Intuition we will:

  • Call upon dream helpers & Divine Source.

  • Design your own Inner Healing Sanctuary (Temple of Healing).

  • Blend mystical and modern techniques for deep healing.

  • Connect with your inner healers.

  • Awaken to signs, symbols, and synchronicities for guidance.

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Whether or not you’ve had glimpses of your past lives, this class will give you clues.

  • Learn how past lives can influence your life now.

  • Explore theories and myths of reincarnation.

  • Find clues in your talents and gifts, fears and phobias, relationships, and health.

  • Learn ways to create karmic healing and balance.

  • Gain practical insights for your present life and purpose by discovering 10 significant clues to your past lives.

THE WISDOM OF SYNCHRONICITY: Meaningful Coincidences and Everyday Oracles

Higher wisdom is speaking to us all the time through meaningful coincidences and everyday miracles. But, if we’re caught up in routines or filled with worry, we might miss valuable guidance. Whether we call it the Universe, Divine Order, or God; we are being guided to that which helps fulfill our soul’s purpose. This guidance is amplified by actively participating in the process.

Learn to transform your mundane world into a world of enchantment and excitement as you discover the magic of chance meetings, symbolism in nature, and everyday oracles. These synchronicities can confirm when you’re on the right path and even alert you when you’re going the wrong way!

Open to the guiding forces all around you:

  • Discover eight types of synchronicity and how they manifest.

  • Learn six effective strategies to enhance the power of coincidence.

  • Discover the correlation between synchronicity and intuition.

  • Appreciate how spirit (through synchronicities) has guided you throughout life.

  • Practice aligning with the cosmos to create more flow in your life.

By setting clear intentions, asking for guidance, and being mindful of signs and symbols; you will solve problems with greater ease, open to higher wisdom, and learn to dance with the cosmos.


TREE SEERS: Ancient Myths & Modern Mysteries

For those who love trees and want a deeper appreciation of their significance. Here, “Tree Seers” has a double meaning:

  1. Being a witness to, and mindful of, their soul-nourishing & life-sustaining presence.

  2. Learning from ancient and modern “tree seers” and what they can teach us.

Modern examples include:

  • Tree Whispering as taught by Conroy & Alexander

  • Forest Bathing  researched in Japan

  • The Hidden Life of Trees by forester P. Wohlleben

  • David Milarch’s Quest to Clone the Biggest Trees

  • Heart Math’s “Interconnectivity Tree Research”

Ancient examples include:

  • Joan of Arc’s “Lady Tree”

  • The Sacred Groves of ancient Druids

  • Cultures around the world who regard trees as sacred

Experience a deeper connection to trees through:

  • Guided Tree Meditations, Tree Breathing

  • Grounding & Rooting Exercises

  • Honoring your own history and interactions with trees


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