The Akashic Records: The Soul’s Memory, Part One

By Rhonda Leifheit

The Akashic Records have been described as The Book of Life, Book of Remembrance, Hall of Records, and Celestial Tablets. Although descriptions may differ, depending on the spiritual tradition, the principle is that these records contain the history of each soul throughout its many incarnations. The records exist at a subtle vibratory level, retaining the sum total of all we have said, thought and done. Imagine a vast past life database storing memories of talents we’ve developed, wisdom gained, love given, as well as our mistakes, hurts, and disappointments. This “cosmic computer” contains not only the events of our past lives, but our interpretation of those events as well.

Why would we want to access these memories, knowing that we might uncover a past life filled with tragedy and trauma as readily as a life of contentment and accomplishment? One reason is deep wounds--when brought into the light of spiritual understanding--can be healed. In recalling positive experiences, we are reminded of our soul’s higher nature and greater purpose. Our present life is our point of power; we are writing and re-writing our story with each decision, each response, each choice we make now.

Edgar Cayce, one of the most documented psychics of the twentieth century, was instrumental in opening the hearts and minds of many to the concept of reincarnation and the Akashic Records. His description of the records was, on one hand, quite literal. He recounted traveling out of his body, through various levels of consciousness until he arrived at a “hall of records” which had no walls or ceiling. There he met an old man who handed him a large book, containing information of the person for whom he was requesting information. On the other hand, Cayce also described the Akashic Records as being “everywhere” (Todeschi xvii).

My own experience of accessing the Akashic Records is more analogous to a radio or TV. Radio and TV transmit sound and pictures through specific vibratory frequencies. These frequencies are “everywhere” around us, yet we do not perceive these transmissions unless we have the equipment to receive and interpret these frequencies. Once the radio or TV is turned on, we then select the channel or frequency of our desired station. Another way of imagining this vibratory level is “The Cloud”. Though we cannot see it or access it directly, our devices can do so in an instant.

By analogy, when I’m doing a Past Life Reading, I first attune my consciousness to the Akashic Records by going into a meditative (or light trance) state. Then I use the full name of the client, tuning in to their “frequency” or “vibration” in the Akashic Records. Soon, I receive pictures and words describing the most significant past life and the meaning of that life to the present life.

Although the Akashic Records may seem remote, mysterious, or hard to access, it is more accurate to say that each of us carries the record of our own past life experiences within us. As souls, we are the sum total of lifetimes of experience - as well as our interpretation or understanding of those experiences. These tendencies and inclinations show up in our everyday lives in our strengths and gifts as well as our challenges and lessons.

Roger Woolger, Ph.D. is a Jungian analyst who has used past-life therapy to heal a variety of phobias and anxiety disorders that could not be explained by childhood experiences. In his book Healing Your Past Lives he has written:

“Often…the problem is already present in childhood, fully formed. From the perspective of past life therapy, none of this is surprising: the things we fear—fire, drowning, guns, explosions, savage animals, enclosed spaces, crowds, airplane trips—are not childhood traumas at all, but psychically inherited fears, residues of previous lives still carried deeply in the psychic system we call the unconscious or the soul…The woman with the fear of fire may have been burned at the stake; the man terrified of crowds may have been trampled in a riot; the child frightened of loud noises may remember dying on a battlefield” (Woolger 14).

Thus, clues to our past lives can be revealed in persistent thoughts, “irrational” emotions, and compulsive habits. We might discover that these stem from coping mechanisms used in a past life. We also find clues to our past lives through our natural strengths, precocious talents, and the many things we do well, yet take for granted.

In up-coming articles I’ll take a closer look at how these tendencies may be manifesting in our lives through: a) strongly held beliefs; b) emotions/fears/phobias; c) repetitive behaviors; d) physical pains/body type/overall health. I’ll give examples of how the awareness of this information can facilitate healing and spiritual growth.

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First published in Pathfinder News 2006

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