Fees for all private sessions

This includes Readings, Regressions, and Personalized Services.

$100 for the 1st hour. For longer sessions, $40 for each additional half-hour.


To schedule a session

Readings - These can be done in person or over the phone. Feel free to call 314-644-0641 to clarify any questions you might have. Clients are encouraged to record their sessions. Phone sessions are recorded digitally and emailed. Allow one hour for your call (approximately 40-45 minutes for the Reading and 15-20 minutes for discussion before or after). A longer session will allow more time for your questions as well as feedback and discussion after.

Past Life Regressions - These are done in person. For your first session, please allow two hours. ($180). Follow-up sessions are generally 1 1/2 hours. Multiple sessions often provide the greatest benefit with regression work.

Personalized Services - These are usually done in person; however, Meridian Tapping and I Ching readings are also available remotely.

To Schedule Your Session:

Call me at: (314) 644-0641 (landline, does not accept texts)

Email me at: awakenthelight8@gmail.com

I am able to respond to phone calls more quickly.

Rhonda teaching

Fees for classes

Classes are individually priced and published at the time of a class offering.


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