Past Life Reading

Hi Rhonda! I appreciate you and your work so much. Certain things said in your readings have stuck with me for years - as a source of guidance, clarity, and healing. Thank you!

K.L. 2020, North Carolina

Rhonda - You did an amazing past life reading for me (a few years ago).  As my life has unfolded it has made even more sense!

P.G 2021, New Mexico

Hi Rhonda! I so enjoyed our visit! When you were telling me the stories I felt so captivated and listening to it back was even more insightful. It was such a special experience and I really did feel mesmerized as you described the two lives….I thought that when I came to see you, I would get an answer for what is wrong with me and was confused as to why there wasn’t more trauma, but as I contemplated, I realized that in that moment, spirit wanted to tell me that there is nothing wrong with me. Even more, spirit wanted to point out what is right with me. I think that was a powerful message and it has been a process unfolding. Thank you so much for helping me.

A.L. 2021, Lake St. Louis, MO


I hope you realize that your character, spirit, gift, and caring nature stayed with me since first meeting you in the late 80s.  Out of the blue, for the past five months or so, thoughts of being at your home when you did my past life reading and the powerful experience I had remained.  Your voice, the room where you did the reading, and that it [information from the Reading] remains true today, and keeps popping up in my subconscious out of nowhere.  I'm working, cleaning my home, talking to my sister about stupid sister stuff, or watching a movie, for example, and it kept flashing through my mind.

When I realized that this was a gift or divine guidance that should not and could not be ignored, I was fearful that you would no longer be offering sessions…Yippie, I was able to find you and you were still Rhonda in spirit, character, and gifts.  I don't know how to convey to you how much a true healing source you are to me and so many others…thank you for being there for me, for being the honest, kind, and generous woman you are.

M.L. 2021, New Jersey

Hi Rhonda,

I am forever changed. Since my past life regression reading with you on Saturday, I can’t describe in words the positive impact it has had on me overall. It’s changing my life for the good. I’ve had continual revelations and facts about myself and my body that makes complete sense with the past life that you tapped into. I’ve been searching for this truth for way too long, 38 years!

Thanks again, I’ll forever be grateful.

M.Z. 2023, St. Louis, MO

Hi Rhonda,

A big shift happened after our last session. Amazing how that information gave me a different perspective, allowed me to let go and really set me free. Thank you.

M.S. 2023, North Carolina

Crossing of Paths Reading

The Crossing of Paths session we had a few years ago not only saved my life, it helped me cultivate this beautiful life I am living today. Thank you.

M.P. 2021, Florida

Hi Rhonda, A big shift happened after our last session. Amazing how that information gave me a different perspective, allowed me to let go and really set me free.  Thank you.

M.S. 2020, North Carolina

Hi Rhonda, I'll look forward to hearing your readings again. They were so very pertinent and helped me better understand what this wonderful/awful/powerful/scary attraction is to this man.

J.M. 2020, St. Louis, MO

Guided Imagery for Easy Surgery & Recovery

Rhonda, I can’t tell you how much your recording helped me—both before and after surgery. I listened to the recording at least 2 x’s a day. I had robotic surgery Monday and came home yesterday without a lot of pain.  I’m just taking extra strength Tylenol!   Thank you for being an angel to me!


(A week later she wrote this:)

Rhonda,  I just returned from my post op visit with my doctor and I wanted you to know the good news.  I’m clean and do not need further treatments.  AND she said I am a poster child for a good recovery.  I thank you for taking my hand and showing me the way to a successful surgery and recovery.  You are such a gift. With so much appreciation for knowing you.  

S.L. 2021, Florida