Dreams: The Language of Your Soul

By Rhonda Leifheit

Enter the magical world of dreams where you can unlock their secrets and discover their gifts.

Dreams are portals. They open doors of infinite possibility. Through them we can develop our intuition, communicate with loved ones in spirit, heal emotional wounds, find something we lost, discover a past life, glimpse the future, meet our spirit guide, write a song or story, or discover our life’s purpose.

Dreams are a language, a “means of communication”. If you’ve ever tried to learn a “foreign” language you know that, at first, it sounds like gibberish. So it is with dreams. They have a language all their own—a language of pictures and feelings, best interpreted through intuition rather than logic. We may awaken from a dream and think it was meaningless. But by staying with it we might discover profound insights.

Dreams are personal parables. They tell stories, giving wisdom and guidance for our lives. Dreams allow us to view our lives and spiritual development with greater clarity. During sleep we release the conscious mind and its limitations. Dreams can be viewed as the subconscious mirroring something about ourselves—some aspect we need to heal or help or cultivate. Dreams allow us to view our lives and spiritual development with greater clarity.

Dreams are slippery things. One minute we’re swimming in the sea of our subconscious—deeply immersed in a dream that feels profound—a great catch. The next minute we open our eyes to discover our catch has slipped through our fingers and plunged back into the deep waters of our subconscious. We must learn to be patient and to persevere. Happily, there are many techniques to help us recapture these mysterious treasures.

Dreams are precious. Like all things of value, they require effort to acquire. By investing even a small amount of time in remembering and recording our dreams, we will discover they yield a great return on several different levels. At the mundane level they can provide practical guidance on health, work and relationships. At another level they can enhance self-awareness and intuition. At the highest level, dreams can provide creative inspiration and insights into spiritual mysteries.

Let your dreams guide you to the language of your soul.

First published in Pathfinder News

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