How Readings Are Done

I give Readings using an intuitive process that begins with my going into a light trance or meditative state. From this state I access the Akashic Records (a vibratory storehouse of knowledge) by focusing on the client’s full name. I ask to be shown the most significant lifetime for the highest good of the client at this time.

At the end of each of these Readings, while I am still in trance, the client has the opportunity to ask questions to clarify what they heard, or ask about concerns that were not addressed. After I am out of trance, we will have a few minutes to discuss the Reading and the client can share parallels and give feedback.

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Past Life

Reveals the past life which is having the greatest influence on your life at this time. Highlights of that life are described, noting events of major impact to personal and spiritual development (crises as well as triumphs). Next, the significance of those events to your current life is described, and recommendations are presented for enriching your present life, balancing karma and moving forward with greater conscious awareness.

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Crossing of Paths

Explores a past-life connection between you and one other person. You can discover how a previous life together is influencing your present relationship. Learn to identify unproductive patterns and address the deepest longings in your encounters with others. Suggestions are given for the greatest expression of love and healing for both individuals. Crossings can be done with anyone who plays a significant role in your life.

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Prosperity Consciousness

Describes past lives and their effect upon present attitudes and behaviors regarding prosperity and abundance. Though a primary focus may be given to money and financial affairs, this Reading also addresses other areas where there is a perceived "lack," such as self-worth, relationships, career, creativity and happiness. Suggestions for increasing total prosperity incorporate a spiritual outlook in terms of attitudes, emotions and behavior patterns.

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Health Reading

A holistic approach to viewing your current state of health. Special emphasis is given to the mental and emotional levels to reveal underlying causes of physical concerns or dis-ease. Suggestions are given to facilitate healing on all levels. A Health Reading can provide guidelines for holistic care but is not a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

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Career Reading

One's career is, ideally, a source of fulfillment and self-expression. This Reading gives an overview of present attributes and attitudes to help achieve greater success and satisfaction on one’s career path. This Reading can give suggestions for greater success in the current career as well as addressing questions regarding a change in career.

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Relationship Reading

Provides an overview and evaluation of a present relationship without going into past-life influences. (The Crossing of Paths includes past life connection as well as suggestions for the present.) Any type of relationship can benefit from this Reading. Suggestions are given for creating healing where it is needed, deepening communication, acknowledging the challenges and appreciating the lessons and gifts of the relationship.

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