Basic Principles of Reincarnation

By Rhonda Leifheit

  1. Human beings have a divine origin and potential.

  2. As the product of Divine Intelligence, each soul is endowed with individuality (uniqueness), free will, and the capacity for unconditional love.

  3. To achieve our full potential requires more than one lifetime.

  4. Earthly life offers opportunities for learning. Unlike the schooling provided by academia, the lessons for the soul deal with matters of the heart—a kind of “cosmic curriculum". Opportunities include learning to love and honor the self and others; taking responsibility for one's creations; balancing yin/yang—feminine/masculine; patient non-action/assertive action; generosity; honesty; and compassion.

  5. To help achieve spiritual wholeness and maturity we experience lives in various body types (including male and female), intellectual capacities, races, religions, cultures, etc.

  6. There is a kind of cosmic balance sheet, which is called karma. The law of karma helps to bring insight, balance and understanding. It is not a reward and punishment system; rather it is a just and fair principle based on the idea that whatever we sow we will reap in return.

  7. Karma helps us understand that we, too, are creators. Our actions, intentions and decisions can have powerful reverberations.

  8. We reconnect with people from past lives for these general reasons:

    a) to build upon and deepen love from the past;

    b) to heal old wounds or clarify misunderstandings;

    There are also those who harbor anger and thoughts of revenge. This is an un-evolved perspective, but is nonetheless valid. Hate can, indeed, intertwine people every bit as much as love. The choice is ours. By understanding the past life dynamics we are able to make wiser & more compassionate choices in the present.

  9. Humans tend to be creatures of habit and this can create strong patterns or tendencies that carry from lifetime to lifetime. Become conscious of habits.

  10. Through self-knowledge, the use of free will, and compassion, we can and do change. With each insight, each positive choice, every expression of love, the soul remembers its true identity and heritage.

© 2000 Rhonda Leifheit – All Rights Reserved