Karmic Law and Reincarnation

Past Life Readings and Regressions

are useful in understanding your souls’ karmic journey. The term karma comes from Hinduism and is best understood in the West as "cause and effect" or "reaping what we have sown." Even as, in our present life, we can see the results of actions and intentions made by earlier choices, we also carry karmic patterns from one life to the next.

To further appreciate karma, we must go beyond the concept of reward and punishment. This view is limiting and, unfortunately, tends to attribute punitive, judgmental qualities to God or the “universe”. Instead, we can view these experiences as opportunities to gain wisdom which accelerates soul-growth. Karma can be thought of as a balancing mechanism — the need to walk in another's shoes to understand them and learn compassion. It makes sense to me that we may have had lives that are male and female, rich and poor, and a variety of religions, races, cultures health conditions and intellectual capacities. These can serve to help us move beyond judgment and fear.

That said, in my experience of doing Past Life Readings and Regressions, I have observed another tendency — patterns tend to repeat from one life to the next. The past life circumstances frequently reverberate, or “echo” into this life. The events themselves may differ but the attitudes, beliefs and emotional patterns carried into this life are often remarkably similar.

Often, we are too close to ourselves to see exactly how or what we are continuing to do. This is where a Reading or Regression can provide insight and objectivity. By becoming more conscious of thoughts and actions we are empowered in the realization that we can choose to learn and grow rather than stay stuck in limiting beliefs or patterns. Free will allows us to choose again. To rise above the present circumstances and see the bigger picture.