The Akashic Records, Part Four: Past Lives & Present Healing

By Rhonda Leifheit

In earlier articles on the Akashic Records, we’ve explored how past lives can influence current beliefs, attitudes and emotional patterns. Here we’ll look at two Past Life Regressions that illustrate how past life events can affect present life health concerns.

Nadine had been having severe headaches, which had baffled her doctors and left her without relief. The headaches would begin as a searing pain her left cheek, just under the cheekbone. The therapist she was seeing at the time understood the importance of the mind/body connection and suggested she get a Health Reading from me. Nadine agreed. Her therapist made the request on Nadine’s behalf, so I did not meet or talk to Nadine. I recorded her Reading and mailed the tape to her.

The Reading indicated that in a past life she had been shot in the cheek with an arrow and died as a result. Typically, a Health Reading does not address past life information unless it is specifically requested by the client or, as in this case, it is so obvious as to be crucial to understanding the situation.

It was several years later before I actually met Nadine. She was still having the headaches and searing pain in her cheek. This time she requested a Past Life Reading. As I tuned in to the Akashic Records the details of her Native American life unfolded. She had held a respected position in the tribe. However, when her husband found that she was having an affair, he killed her with an arrow that went through her cheek.

She later told me that she might have gotten more help from the Reading (and relief from her pain) but she got completely fixated on the man who had killed her. She felt she knew who it was in this life (an old boyfriend) and all she could think of was how that "S.O.B." had killed her. Thus she remained attached to the rage and the pain.

It was a year or two later when received a desperate call from Nadine. She was sobbing as she described the agonizing pain in her cheek, accompanied by debilitating nausea. She wanted to see me immediately and felt that if she could do a Past Life Regression she would be able to get in touch with, and release, the cause of the pain.

Within minutes she was at my front door sobbing with pain and carrying a roll of toilet paper and a bowl for the nausea. It was apparent that a regression would be impossible unless we could ease the pain. Eventually she found a position that offered some comfort--curled up, face down on my couch in a kind of fetal position. Through her tears she started saying, "I'm ashamed. I lied. I'm so ashamed." I had no idea what this meant, but then neither did she!

As she lay curled up I did some energy work, essentially try to move the energy and release the tension. Finally she felt enough better to go home. She thanked me profusely for seeing her, but I wasn't sure what we'd accomplished. As she was leaving I encouraged her to trust the process--that it was leading somewhere. I may have been saying it as much for me as for her!

Two hours after she got home she had a remarkable experience. A photo she had of the Smokey Mountains caught her attention. Suddenly the whole thing flashed before her eyes. She had died, curled up in the fetal position with a hide pulled up over her. She felt again the shame that she'd had--being a spiritual leader, having an affair, and lying to her husband about it, being humiliated publicly, and being killed by her husband with an arrow through the cheek. She saw these images with such clarity she described it like watching the "movie of the week". The next thing she knew she was laughing--thrilled for the clarity and released from the pain.

Since then she has not experienced the searing pain in her cheek. On rare occasions she still has mild headaches—not debilitating ones. She sees them as manageable reminders of work to do. She also feels much more expressive as a result of releasing those deeply buried emotions.

We talked about the healing power of insight, the importance of being ready, and the fact that this was a process that took ten years--a seemingly long time on human terms, but a blink of the eye for the soul.

Here is another case in point. A young woman called me, certain that many of her health problems stemmed from a past life. Because she was not sure she was ready to "see things" for herself (in a Past Life Regression) I did a Past Life Reading for her. A week later, after integrating suggestions from the Reading, she felt ready to do a Regression. Some of her health problems included a burning sensation in her stomach and frequent headaches.

Although she was anxious about what she might see, she gradually relaxed as I guided her into the Akashic Records of her own past life. Surprising herself, she saw a woman in a long dress, a funny-looking hat and a pail in her hand. She suddenly burst out laughing, "I'm a milk-maid and am in the barn milking a cow!" What happened next was shocking. A man stood watching her. She knew him and was not afraid. But he suddenly pulled out a gun and shot her. As she continued to view the scene she realized there was another man closer to her--a man she was in love with and is her current husband. He watched helplessly as she died. Apparently the man who shot her was a jealous lover. She was confused and enraged by this abrupt and senseless death.

There were many implications to the information she received in that one scene. The bullet wound was exactly in the location of her stomach pain, and she knew the rage she experienced at the time of her death was contributing to her headaches. She identified the man who shot her as an old boyfriend who had emotionally abused her in this life. Just three days earlier, however, he had called to apologize for his behavior. His own life experiences had caused him to become wiser and able to accept responsibility for his actions. She had found it easy to forgive him and even after the regression felt compassion for him in this life. The separation from her lover explained why she and her current husband both have extreme separation anxiety.

When I spoke to her a few days later she had listened to the tape of her Regression several times. With each listening she was becoming increasingly desensitized and feeling more calm. Additionally, the burning pain in her stomach was 90% gone. The headaches had not shifted as dramatically but she was uncovering new clues regarding repressed anger and felt optimistic that the headaches would continue to subside.

While it should not be assumed that every health issue has past life causation, anyone who works in the field of past life regression and exploration can find profound examples of healing that result from these types of insights.

Note: Client names have been changed to protect their privacy

First published in Pathfinder News 2006

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